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Obligatory introductory post is obligatory.

kate: 30, sydney-sider, vegan, BA (honours) in Philosophy, currently halfway through a Grad Psychology Degree @ USyd i've put my studies on hold, so for now i'm sort of just ... floating about, trying to figure things out. short, brown hair, brown eyes. bizarre quirky. people hating introverted. erring on the stranger side of strange. horse rider, singer, baker, gardener, origami enthusiast, very very very very proud puppy owner.

media: (tv) castle, parks + rec, once upon a time, smash, dr who, pushing daisies, torchwood, how i met your mother, gilmore girls. (music) bon iver, brandi carlile, david gray, billy joel, idina menzel, birdy, something corporate, jack's mannequin, florence + the machine, adele, funny things (like jonathan coulton, garfunkel + oates, bob + tom), zaz, lana del ray, matt nathanson - i should really stop now. (ridiculous human beings) stana katic, amy poehler, lee pace, hermione norris, john barrowman, sandra bullock, catherine tate.

addictions: tea, grey sweaters, dvd box sets, autobigraphies, green things, 80's ballads, roadtrips, gadgets, mix tapes, eco-tech, sleeeeep, NHL (LA Kings, baby!)

always happy to add new people :)
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Hiatus, 24.12.08 - ??.01.09.

So, i wasn't meant to be going away until after New Years, but thanks to a little last minute shuffling the puppy and i are heading off this morning, and i'm not quite sure when i'll be back (probably the middle of January). This means that i won't get to make the big pre-Christmas post i'd been planning, so i'll just say a drive-by thankyouthankyouthankyou to [livejournal.com profile] cecism for the absolutely lovely card, and wish everyone a wonderful Christmas and New Years!
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Family Farm Holiday, 7th - 12th July, 2008.
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hiatus. sorry guys.
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So, i made an flist cut. It was only really tiny, i just cut those people whose entries i don't read/comment on, who never comment on my entries, and who didn't comment on my 'i enjoy being a lurker, please leave me on your flist' post. If i cut you and you didn't want to be cut, please comment here and i'll add you back. This wasn't a malicious cut, by any means - it was basically just me trying to tidy up my life.
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I made a Pushing Daisies Ned/Chuck moodtheme! Ftw, y/y? Y/y! This was made mostly just to amuse myself and [livejournal.com profile] andsheloves (enaaaabler, you are ;) but i thought i might as well make it public on the off chance that anyone outside of my flist wants to use it. I'm not totally happy with it, but i'm at the point where it's going to break my brain if i spend any more time on it. So ... *tada!*

download .zip / full preview

(If you're not sure how to install a custom moodtheme, go and read the dandy instructions over at crackified - but make sure you use the adminconsolecodes.txt included in the zip file for this this particular theme, because the sizes are different - and if you have any problems please comment here, not over there ;)

The images are a bit larger than most, but thanks to my super screen resolution i nearly went blind making this, so. *blinks* I tried to keep it as Ned/Chuck (as opposed to Ned, Chuck) as i could, and for the most part even if they're not both in the cap, they're reacting to each other, or whathaveyou. Also, i tried to make it literal - i don't like picking a mood in the drop-down and then having to change it to something else because the picture that goes with it isn't a literal match. I'm picky, sue me ;)

I used all my own caps for this, hence the lame re-colouring effort. *fail* The zip file has all 132 mood images in .jpg format, as well as the adminconsolecodes.txt file - if you have any other questions, just ask. And if you do take this, please comment/credit :)
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So, apparently the internet doesn't agree with me on the awesomeness of this song. Screw you, internet. Mostly i'm just uploading this for the 'best song' thing over at [livejournal.com profile] savethegooddr, but also so that next time someone googles for these lyrics, they won't witness the giant failure of the internet that i just did.

Seriously, "we're filling our pockets up with moments that could turn on us"? // "with every goodbye we waste a little more time"? COME ON. It's an awesome Michael/Sara song - it's both literal (without being irritatingly in your face about it), and pretty. Winwinwin.

'Further To Fall' - Trembling Blue Stars

this heart has found it's place
it's yours to keep, it's yours for always
and if you must it's yours to break
just don't send me away
i always need to see your face

from the first i was lost
and 'til the last i'll be yours
there's not another soul out there, not anywhere
i could belong to now we've met
what's the use of second best?

and if i need you more than is sane
then let that be the case

i need your touch i need your kiss
i'm only okay when it's you i'm with
with every goodbye, we waste a little more time
one person in the entire world
you don't need anything else

we're filling our pockets up
with moments that could turn on us
and that could really sting someday
don't let our time be of the borrowed kind
instead let us escape, let's you and i escape

and if i need you more than is sane
then let that be the case
just what is there, apart from you and me?
save me darling, set me free

link: mp3, 5.8mb


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