Jan. 21st, 2015 09:00 am
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Obligatory introductory post is obligatory.

kate: 30, sydney-sider, vegan, BA (honours) in Philosophy, currently halfway through a Grad Psychology Degree @ USyd i've put my studies on hold, so for now i'm sort of just ... floating about, trying to figure things out. short, brown hair, brown eyes. bizarre quirky. people hating introverted. erring on the stranger side of strange. horse rider, singer, baker, gardener, origami enthusiast, very very very very proud puppy owner.

media: (tv) castle, parks + rec, once upon a time, smash, dr who, pushing daisies, torchwood, how i met your mother, gilmore girls. (music) bon iver, brandi carlile, david gray, billy joel, idina menzel, birdy, something corporate, jack's mannequin, florence + the machine, adele, funny things (like jonathan coulton, garfunkel + oates, bob + tom), zaz, lana del ray, matt nathanson - i should really stop now. (ridiculous human beings) stana katic, amy poehler, lee pace, hermione norris, john barrowman, sandra bullock, catherine tate.

addictions: tea, grey sweaters, dvd box sets, autobigraphies, green things, 80's ballads, roadtrips, gadgets, mix tapes, eco-tech, sleeeeep, NHL (LA Kings, baby!)

always happy to add new people :)
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So, i made an flist cut. It was only really tiny, i just cut those people whose entries i don't read/comment on, who never comment on my entries, and who didn't comment on my 'i enjoy being a lurker, please leave me on your flist' post. If i cut you and you didn't want to be cut, please comment here and i'll add you back. This wasn't a malicious cut, by any means - it was basically just me trying to tidy up my life.


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