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wish i had a socket-set, to dismantle this morning

( in anyone else's hands, this would be a love story )

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Birthdate:Feb 2

i'm hiring a dj for the eve of our destruction

( a, b, c // friends only )

the book
kate. 30. inner-city-sydney-ite. vegan. student (BA @ UNSW, BA honours (philosophy) @ USyd, Graduate Psych @ USyd) not really fucking sure, right now, actually - and i'm mostly okay with that. i occasionally masquerade as a contract graphic/web designer.

the pages
hopelessly, madly in love with her dog. reader. writer. cupcake baker. emotionally/socially stunted, but getting there. quiet. random. lonely. frustrated. secretly optimistic.

the in-between
birdy. brandi carlile. the weakerthans. florence + the machine. matt nathanson. bon iver. david gray. something corporate. jack's mannequin. woodpigeon. billy joel. // CASTLE. CHELSEA LATELY. parks + recreation. once upon a time. smash. torchwood. pushing daisies. lie to me. doctor who. location location. // when a man loves a woman. 200 cigarettes. dirty dancing. etre et avoir. grosse pointe blank. bed of roses. three colours blue. R&G. leaving las vegas. while you were sleeping. // WICKED // slouching towards bethlehem. the hours. the woodlanders.

other things
allergies. tea. history. stand up. road trips. mix tapes. old things. desk chairs that don't make squeaky sounds. vanilla > chocolate. sound > sight. good > cool. the beach >/< the bush. alcohol/cigarette/drug free (though 16 year old me would laugh and laugh). gender preference: people i find hot. sunglasses. music and music and music.

friending policy?
none whatsoever. always happy to add new friends, regardless of common interests.

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