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So, apparently the internet doesn't agree with me on the awesomeness of this song. Screw you, internet. Mostly i'm just uploading this for the 'best song' thing over at [ profile] savethegooddr, but also so that next time someone googles for these lyrics, they won't witness the giant failure of the internet that i just did.

Seriously, "we're filling our pockets up with moments that could turn on us"? // "with every goodbye we waste a little more time"? COME ON. It's an awesome Michael/Sara song - it's both literal (without being irritatingly in your face about it), and pretty. Winwinwin.

'Further To Fall' - Trembling Blue Stars

this heart has found it's place
it's yours to keep, it's yours for always
and if you must it's yours to break
just don't send me away
i always need to see your face

from the first i was lost
and 'til the last i'll be yours
there's not another soul out there, not anywhere
i could belong to now we've met
what's the use of second best?

and if i need you more than is sane
then let that be the case

i need your touch i need your kiss
i'm only okay when it's you i'm with
with every goodbye, we waste a little more time
one person in the entire world
you don't need anything else

we're filling our pockets up
with moments that could turn on us
and that could really sting someday
don't let our time be of the borrowed kind
instead let us escape, let's you and i escape

and if i need you more than is sane
then let that be the case
just what is there, apart from you and me?
save me darling, set me free

link: mp3, 5.8mb
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