Dec. 4th, 2007

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I made a Pushing Daisies Ned/Chuck moodtheme! Ftw, y/y? Y/y! This was made mostly just to amuse myself and [ profile] andsheloves (enaaaabler, you are ;) but i thought i might as well make it public on the off chance that anyone outside of my flist wants to use it. I'm not totally happy with it, but i'm at the point where it's going to break my brain if i spend any more time on it. So ... *tada!*

download .zip / full preview

(If you're not sure how to install a custom moodtheme, go and read the dandy instructions over at crackified - but make sure you use the adminconsolecodes.txt included in the zip file for this this particular theme, because the sizes are different - and if you have any problems please comment here, not over there ;)

The images are a bit larger than most, but thanks to my super screen resolution i nearly went blind making this, so. *blinks* I tried to keep it as Ned/Chuck (as opposed to Ned, Chuck) as i could, and for the most part even if they're not both in the cap, they're reacting to each other, or whathaveyou. Also, i tried to make it literal - i don't like picking a mood in the drop-down and then having to change it to something else because the picture that goes with it isn't a literal match. I'm picky, sue me ;)

I used all my own caps for this, hence the lame re-colouring effort. *fail* The zip file has all 132 mood images in .jpg format, as well as the adminconsolecodes.txt file - if you have any other questions, just ask. And if you do take this, please comment/credit :)


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